How it works

Install the Loyalty Pigeon app

A Customer installs the free Loyalty Pigeon App on their SmartPhone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Collect Loyalty Points

Every business that has joined Loyalty Pigeon business displays their unique Loyalty Pigeon QR Code.

Every time a customer enters a Loyalty Pigeon business they scan the QR code with the Loyalty Pigeon App and in the process they collect a Loyalty Point for their visit.

Loyalty Reward

At the end of the month multiple free Prize Draws will take place.

A business may choose to have their own prize draw in which case for every Loyalty Point collected that month the customer will have one entry into the draw.

A business may also, or instead of, choose to participate in an area wide Free Prize Draw in which case the customer’s Loyalty Points will be entered into the area draw.